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Peyton Manning Rumors: Ken Whisenhunt's Agent Thinks Veteran Quarterback Would Be Most Successful With Cardinals

Eric Metz, the long-time agent of Arizona Cardinals head coach Ken Whisenhunt as well as assistant coach Russ Grimm went on XTRA Sports 910 and spoke a little about Peyton Manning and shared his thoughts on the veteran quarterback and future hall of famer potentially making his way to the Cardinals.

Metz started by saying that he thinks the team has a "tremendous shot" at signing Manning and he'd be "surprised if they didn't pull it off." He went on to say that he believes Manning would have the best chance to succeed immediately in Arizona.

"He is going to win quicker in Arizona and they know how to do it, and that whole staff has been there before, so they know how to get right back there, and so does Peyton," Metz said.

Metz went through all the possibilities and eliminated some teams like the Seahawks (because of where they play) and the Chiefs (because of the fit) and said that the two main teams will be the Dolphins and the Cardinals and that the demand by a few teams for Manning will speed up the process and likely have the veteran signal caller signing with a team within a week.

Of the two front runners, Metz thinks the Cardinals will win out.

"Only he is going to know for sure," Metz said, "but I would think it comes down to Miami and Arizona, and I think Arizona wins out."

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