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Peyton Manning Rumors: Star Quarterback Would Be Worth Four Extra Wins To Arizona Cardinals

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When healthy, there is very little doubt that Peyton Manning is still an elite quarterback in the NFL, despite his age and the thousands of passes he has thrown over the years. News is expect on Wednesday that Manning and the Colts will officially split ways at 14 incredible seasons, making the Hall of Famer a free agent to sign with whichever team he chooses.

There are still plenty of concerns surrounding Manning and his surgically repaired neck, but he is reportedly throwing well and appears to be ready for the start of the 2012 regular season. Just how valuable would a healthy Peyton Manning be for a team, such as the Arizona Cardinals?

According to a report from Yahoo! Sports, AccuScore has predicted how many wins Manning would be with the current roster. After a 8-8 season last year, the Cardinals would be projected for 10.7 wins with their current roster. That would give them nearly a 70% chance at making the playoffs, and a 52.5% chance at winning the NFC West.

The next few weeks will undoubtably be nuts with rumors, whispers and reports from the always reliable "sources". Strap in, folks.

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