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Peyton Manning Speculation, Bountygate Discussed On Arizona Birdgang Podcast

The podcast made by Arizona Cardinals fans for Arizona Cardinals fans on Revenge of the Birds has a new episode. What do they talk about? Well, Peyton Manning of course. This episode was recorded prior to the report of Manning's impending release, but the crew of Mario, Joe and Tyler talk about Manning and the possibility he joins the Cardinals.

After the jump, listen to the latest episode and read a synopsis.

Right from the get-go, we decided to delay the inevitable and jump right into the Manning talk. With the recent video of him throwing at Duke University, we ask whether or not it was just some college student shooting the video or maybe something more than that.

With that video, Joe is beginning to think that maybe the Colts decide to retain him in the end. Mario and I try to talk him out of that ridiculous notion, despite his decent reasoning.

Will the Cardinals end up trading down in the first round of this year's draft? Is that even a good idea? That was the next topic of discussion.

Mario tries to convince Joe and I that Hines Ward would be a decent option for the Cardinals to consider as a #2 wideout. He also believes that Ward is a far superior option to Early Doucet. What are your thoughts? Would you like to see a potential Hall of Fame receiver in Arizona?

Each of us then give our takes on the whole 'Bountygate' situation involving the New Orleans Saints. The debate gets a little heated (I'm exaggerating, but still). What are your thoughts on the whole debacle which has now become the biggest storyline of the offseason?

With the Hall of Fame Game coming up, will the Cardinals veterans choose to target any of the Saints players as a result of the 'Bountygate' scandal? We were all unanimous with our decisions, but what are your thoughts?

Have you heard about the good deed committed by former Cardinals tight end Ben Patrick? We fill you in on what happened this past week concerning him.

Listen in on the only Arizona Cardinals fan podcast around. The Arizona Birdgang Podcast is created by the fans, for the fans. Use the embedded player below, or if you are on your mobile phone, use the direct link to the episode. Thanks for listening!

You can talk more Cardinals over at Revenge of the Birds.

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