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NFL Mock Draft 2012: Arizona Cardinals Select Jonathan Martin

The NFL Draft is starting to get pretty close, and now teams are kicking it into high gear to try and figure out who they want to take. For the Arizona Cardinals, pass protection is their biggest issue to try and defend their quarterback from further abuse. A solid offensive tackle would be huge to make sure Kevin Kolb and John Skelton stay upright when they drop back and pass in 2012 after both suffered injuries.

Ryan Van Bibber released his latest mock draft for SB Nation, and the Cardinals go back to try and fill their position of need. The player they take is the best offensive tackle left on the board, Stanford's Jonathan Martin.

The Cardinals are losing Levi Brown in free agency. Even with Brown on the roster, they still needed a better answer on the left side. Martin finally provides some stability and blocking ability to the Cardinals' front five. Perhaps there is still a little life left in Kevin Kolb.

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