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A Fan To Get Up Close And Personal With Arizona Cardinals Nick Eason

Nick Eason, a reserve defensive lineman on the Arizona Cardinals, is a big man. He stands 6-3, 305 pounds and is strong. Last season, he and Darnell Dockett were set to find out who was the strongest player on the team. But Eason was the guy Dockett wanted to challenge.

On Twitter, Eason put out this request to his fans.

One fan, @thatbechristian on Twitter and also cgcardzfan over at Revenge of the Birds, agreed to do it.

The matchup will be on Friday morning at 7:30 AM Arizona time at the Glove Game, which is off Stetson and Scottsdale Rd.

Eason went on to hope that he would pay to get the guy in and hoped that he had health insurance and that his followers should pray for him. He also noted that he would never try to hurt him (it just might happen).

If you happen to be up that early and able to watch, it just might be the price of admission.

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