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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Cardinals Select OT Riley Reiff, According to Mocking the Draft

Brad Wells over at SB Nation's ridiculously dedicated blog Mocking The Draft has his latest installment of their 2012 NFL mock draft ready to go, and has the Arizona Cardinals selecting offensive lineman Riley Reiff out of the University of Iowa with the first round pick, No. 13 overall.

Here is Wells with the commentary:

It really doesn't matter who is here at No. 13 for the Cardinals. Their offensive line is garbage, and they must take the best lineman available. Reiff is that lineman.

It's been a rather consensus fact that the Cardinals should be looking to improve their offensive line this offseason, regardless of where you get your mock on. Wells' logic of 'their offensive line is garbage' is rather spot on, further pointing out that Reiff will be the best fit at the position in the draft, unless of course, some other players fall in their lap. This seems like a perfect match for both Reiff and the Cardinals organization.

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