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ESPN Free Agency Grades: Cardinals Receive a D

Matt WIlliamson over at Scouts Inc. has been been grading all of the NFL teams' offseason moves, and unfortunately didn't have many good things to say about the Arizona Cardinals this year.

They made some key additions, but they also had some key losses, and Williamson feels they could have done more this year in free agency. Nevertheless, the'll have a strong opportunity to make it up in this year's draft.

Here is Williamson's analysis below:

Key additions: DE Calais Campbell (franchised), CB William Gay, WR Early Doucet (re-sign), TLevi Brown (re-sign), C Adam Snyder (re-sign)
Key losses: CB Richard Marshall, G Rex Hadnot

Analysis: The Cardinals lost very little in free agency -- unless you count Peyton Manning among those losses. They also didn't add a lot and were strapped with financial issues, which really curtailed their ability to spend in free agency. Campbell needed to be franchised and is now a cornerstone player in this organization. Gay and Doucet will have starter/depth value, but the Cardinals' offensive line still looks like one of the worst in all of football. It would be surprising if Arizona wasn't proactive in drafting offensive linemen this draft.

Grade: D

If they can figure out some of their 'financial issues' they might have been able to do more this offseason, but will have to move forward with the pieces they have and try what they can before the season starts.

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