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NFL Mock Draft 2012: Cardinals Select David DeCastro, OG, Stanford In Latest ROTB Mock

Over at SB Nation's brilliant Arizona Cardinals blog, Revenge of the Birds, the latest installment of their running 2012 NFL Mock draft is complete, and the Cards are once again looking to make a Stanford Cardinal part of the family by selecting offensive lineman David DeCastro.

DeCastro was a key component to Andrew Luck's success down on the Farm in Palo Alto, along with the rest of the the Card offensive line during their tenure there. Here's ROTB's own GreaZzy's with the commentary on DeCastro:

13. Arizona Cardinals - David DeCastro, OG, Stanford. The dilemma here for the Cardinals is whether they should reach for a tackle, or stick to their board. Sticking to his board has worked for Whisenhunt in previous drafts, and DeCastro certainly is the best player available. DeCastro is a rare guard prospect, who seems to excel in every category. Last year, the Cardinals got the "sure thing" prospect in Patrick Peterson, and this year DeCastro seems like the most likely candidate for this year's "sure thing" prospect. DeCastro starts at right guard from day one, and instantly become our best offensive linemen. (Previous Pick: Riley Rieff, OT, Iowa)

Arizona certainly has a few options they could pursue with their first round pick this year, with a number of talented playmakers on both sides of the ball could land around No. 13. But a lineman the caliber of DeCastro would be a great addition to their squad.

What says you? For more discussion on the Cardinals, make sure to check out Revenge of the Birds.