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NFL Mock Draft 2012: Arizona Cardinals Select Ohio State OT Mike Adams In First Round

The Arizona Cardinals own the No. 13 overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft. Although many analysts have suggested as of late that the Cardinals spend that pick on UGA guard Cordy Glenn, there is a new mock draft that suggests taking an alternative route.

In the latest mock draft posted to Draft Tek, Eugene Stasak predicts that the Cardinals will select Ohio St. Buckeyes left offensive tackle Mike Adams.

Arizona lost out on Peyton Manning but they still need to find some protection for Kevin Kolb. Bringing back Levi Brown was a start but word is he's more likely to play on the right side as last year's RT, Brandon Keith is also a free agent that likely won't be returning. While Adams may be considered a reach here, there is debate as to whether it is Adams or Jonathan Martin that is the third best tackle, and barring Reiff falling to them, Arizona might have to reach.

The Cardinals certainly have a lot of gaps to fill for the 2012 season, but they desperately need help on their offensive line. They would do well with either Glenn or Martin as their first-round pick.

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