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When Adam Eaton Really Isnt Adam Eaton

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Adam Eaton is a 34- year old former MLB pitcher, who you may recall last seeing being booed by Phillies fans receiving his World Series Ring in 2008. Adam Eaton is also a 23-year old prospect in the Arizona Diamondbacks organization, making his way in Spring Training as we speak. though the MLBPA payroll department sure didn't know the difference.

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Nick Piecoro of the Arizona Republic brought us the tale of Eaton (the 23 year old) who recently was handed an envelope from the MLB Players Association, filled with six $20,000 checks all made out to Adam Eaton.

Oddly enough, the 19th round pick in 2010 isn't even part of the Players Association yet. Luckily, teammate Cody Ransom was there for some guidance:

Cody's like, ‘Those aren't yours,'" Eaton recalled. "I'm like, ‘What do you mean they aren't mine? They're in my name.' He goes, ‘That's the other Adam Eaton. Do you live there?' It had the address on the front. ‘No.' I go, ‘Do I have to give them back?' He's like, ‘Yeah. You have to give them back.' I thought it over and I'm like, ‘Yeah, I've got to give them back.'"

This confusion over identity has occured more than once for Eaton, but certainly not in any fashion like this:

"I always get, ‘Hey, are you Adam Eaton the pitcher? Or any relation if you're not?' People say, ‘Hey, I remember you when you played with the Phillies.' I just play along half the time because I don't want to explain it to them because I hear it so much."

Eaton reluctantly returned the checks, knowing he has a full career of check making ahead of him. Plus I think it's a felony to cash checks that aren't for you. But it was certainly wasn't a heartbreak for Eaton:

"I was on top of the world for a good 30 seconds."

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