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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Arizona Cardinals Pick David DeCastro

Offensive line, offensive line, offensive line. This was the main concern for the Arizona Cardinals other than trying to pursue Peyton Manning, and it appears the Cardinals have made two big moves this offseason to secure that part of ther team.

A third big move would be landing the best offensive linemen that would still be on the board, one David DeCastro of Stanford. Ryan Van Bibber of SB Nation has the Cardinals picking the Cardinal in his latest mock draft.

The Cardinals signed two offensive linemen in free agency, bringing back Levi Brown and adding Adam Snyder. Neither are very good. Drafting DeCastro gives them a blue chip protector who should be a yearly contender for the league's best guard.

DeCastro was considered a top offensive line prospect as early as his sophomore year, and along with Andrew Luck provided crucial offensive punch for Stanford. Grabbing someone like DeCastro is absolutely critical.

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