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Super Bowl 2013 Odds: Peyton Manning To Broncos Means Arizona Cardinals Drop Down

The Arizona Cardinals had one big goal this offseason: Land Peyton Manning in free agency after the quarterback parted with his Indianapolis Colts. Things never materialized though, and the Cardinals now have no Manning. This is a pretty rough blow, and the Cardinals have seen their Super Bowl odds sink from 30/1 (odds after the 2012 Super Bowl) to 50/1 today. Arizona has a lot of work to do if they figure to contend for a title, and with no Manning it's looking like the changes will have to come via the draft and further free agency moves.

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The Packers, Patriots and Saints remain the top three team (with slight adjustments in their odds), while the 49ers have made a significant jump up the charts. The team that did end up grabbing Manning (the Denver Broncos) did experience a rise up, seeing their odds leap all the way from 50/1 to 12/1.

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