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[Video]: Darnell Dockett Tries To Buy A Gator, Ends Up With Bearded Dragon

If you follow the Arizona Cardinals at all, you likely know that defensive lineman Darnell Dockett is quite the character. Last offseason, he made some waves with Nino, his pet gator. Now, a video on YouTube features Dockett and exotic animals. I don't know how long ago this was filmed, considering Nino, but he goes and tries to buy a gator, learns about them and in the end does not get one.

He also looks at some other interesting animals -- a python, a particular type of tarantula, a scorpion. He tries to convince the guy to let him buy a very small gator (it is cute), but he has to have the right permits.

Dockett is as crazy and eccentric as they come. He had Nino, he has a public crush on Oprah, he talks about his guns (rockets!). But in the end, he is perhaps the most important defensive player on the team.

Check out the video. You will see him cower once. It's funny.

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