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NFL Mock Draft 2012: Cardinals Could Select Levi Brown Replacement

It has been reported that the Arizona Cardinals are expected to release offensive tackle Levi Brown. That makes sense, as the final year of his contract was never expected to ever be paid out. However, the team would like to have him return, albeit at a smaller salary number. The team also has other holes on the offensive line to fill and according to the latest mock draft projections by SB Nation, they will fill that need with their first round selection -- the 13th pick overall.

The projections have the Cardinals taking Stanford tackle Jonathan Martin. It is not the first time he has been the projected pick. They said this about Martin:

Whether the Cardinals land Peyton Manning or not, they could stand to give their quarterback some protection. Levi Brown is walking away in free agency, allowing another team the privilege of overpaying for his mediocre protection. Fine. Martin should be better on day one, even as a rookie.

While it is certainly questionable whether he would be better on Day 1 than Levi Brown, most fans believe they have seen what Levi is able to do is just that and nothing better.

Would this be a solid pick? Yes. The Cardinals need help on the outside in blocking. Martin could be just what they need.

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