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Peyton Manning, Please Pick Arizona [VIDEO]

SB Nation Arizona makes its case for Peyton Manning to pick the Cardinals via this video featuring both local sports stars and normal sports fans.

At SB Nation Arizona we want Peyton Manning to be in an Arizona Cardinals uniform. Are we sure he's back to 100% health and can stand up to the rigors of an NFL Season? No. Have we completely given up on Kevin Kolb? No. Do we think he'd be a great story and help our business numbers? YES!

But we've seen aging stars come to Arizona and thrive. Kurt Warner, Grant Hill, Shaquille O`Neal were reborn here. Steve Nash is the poster boy for post-prime success stories. We know that if Peyton picks Arizona, the sky is the limit.

To make our case to Peyton, we busted out the video camera and went around town to make our pitch. We talked to normal fans on the street and we got input from the likes of Justin Upton, Daniel Hudson, Grant Hill and Jared Dudley.

If this doesn't close the deal and convince Peyton Manning to join Larry Fitzgerald and the Arizona Cardinals, nothing will.

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