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Peyton Manning Free Agency: Manning Expected To Return To Miami After Visit With Cardinals

According to Pro Football Talk's Evan Silva, future hall of fame quarterback and free agent Peyton Manning, who is reportedly meeting with Arizona Cardinals coach Ken Whizenhunt Saturday night, will be returning to his Miami condo following the meeting with the Cardinals, skipping any other team that has been rumored to have interest in acquiring him.

Manning reportedly has nothing on his schedule after the meeting with Cardinals and is presumed to visit with the Dolphins while in Miami, but that has not been confirmed. Silva writes that the three front runners to land Manning are now considered to be the Denver Broncos, the Arizona Cardinals and the Miami Dolphins, which leaves the Kansas City Chiefs and Seattle Seahawks out of the equation.

For more on the Arizona Cardinals, head to their SB Nation blog, Revenge of the Birds, and for more updates on Peyton Manning, which we should officially refer to as "Manning-fest Destiny" now, keep up with SB Nation Arizona's StoryStream.