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Peyton Manning Free Agency: Larry Fitzgerald Hasn't Heard Anything On Possible Manning Visit

New free agent quarterback Peyton Manning, who was released by the Indianapolis Colts earlier this week, is the hottest commodity for quarterback needy teams. He visited with the Denver Broncos on Friday and it was reported by numerous sources that he was going to make the trip south from Denver to Arizona to visit with the Cardinals.

Those reports haven't been confirmed, though, and when Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald was asked for an update on the Manning situation or if he was in town, he was just as clueless as we all are.


"I haven't heard anything about it," Fitzgerald said. "I'll be interested to see (what happens). I'm kind of picking up everything on the ticker on ESPN and the different sports affiliations in the country just like you guys are."

There were rumors that Manning was going to be going to dinner with Cardinals officials, but Fitzgerald had heard nothing about that either. Of course this doesn't mean that Manning isn't in Arizona or that he isn't going to be heading there, so stay tuned.

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