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Reported NFL Draft Trade Between Redskins And Rams Could Be Scary For NFC West

On Friday night it was reported that the St. Louis Rams traded away the number two pick in the 2012 NFL Draft to the Washington Redskins. For what appears to be for the purpose of drafting quarterback Robert Griffin III, Washington is giving up a total of three first-round picks and a second-round pick for the second overall selection.

What this does for the Rams is set themselves up nicely over the next few years, giving them the flexibility to either draft more top talent or use the picks to move up and draft specific players they are targeting.

In either case, if the Rams don't completely mess up their drafts over the next couple of years, they are setting themselves up to be a very dangerous team in the division.

This normally could be something that Arizona Cardinals fans would worry about; however, there is one very important factor that is being left out.

Most fans see it as such that it won't matter how many draft picks the Rams get now or in the near future, that is, if the Cards end up with Peyton Manning.

Manning of course is the great equalizer. If Arizona can land him, the Rams could have all the young players they want. While they are young, Manning will find ways to fluster them.

As for the division as a whole, for many years it has been looked at like a doormat. But the success of the 49ers in 2011, the potential of Sam Bradford and the developing young defenses of the Seahawks and Cardinals , added to the possibility that Manning could be playing in the division, all add up to what could be a very good and very competitive NFC West for the next few years.

While that potentially makes it harder to get to the postseason, it results in better football, and that is what fans want to see from their team

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