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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Arizona Cardinals Take Riley Reiff

The Arizona Cardinals have some decent needs to fill, and one of them is pretty important--an offensive tackle. Kevin Kolb and John Skelton got hit quite often in the backfield, and it stagnated any offensive progress the Cardinals would make. They need important pass protection or otherwise they won't be going much further than .500 seasons in the NFC West.

Ryan Van Bibber of SB Nation put out his latest mock draft, and the Cardinals seem to fulfill that need quite well. Riley Reiff of the Iowa Hawkeyes is their first round pick for Arizona at No. 13 here to try and protect them, and might be the type of player that could encourage their quarterbacks to perform better.

Finding help for the outside of their offensive line with this pick would be ideal for the Cardinals, who right now might be forced to keep Levi Brown. Even if the landing spots for Martin and Reiff were switched, it would be hard for Arizona to pass on either player. Reiff could upgrade their right tackle spot right away, making life easier for Kevin Kolb or perhaps even Peyton Manning.

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