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NFL Mock Draft 2012: Arizona Cardinals Pick Jonathan Martin

The Arizona Cardinals are deficient in several crucial areas, and it's likely there won't be easy fixes with just one draft pick. But one of the big issues that they need to shore up is their offensive line. Pass protection and run blocking could use improvement, as Arizona's quarterbacks spent a lot of time getting hit this past season. Kevin Kolb's year was cut short because of an inability to stay upright on the vast majority of his snaps.

Draft Tek has the Cardinals getting one of the best available offensive lineman, in this case Stanford tackle Jonathan Martin. Martin is definitely someone who can shore things up for Arizona on the edge.

Starting RT, Brandon Keith, is a free agent. Kevin Kolb and John Skelton are expected to battle it out for the starting job and if either are going to have success, they will need improved protection up front. Drafting Martin would allow them to slide Levi to his more natural RT position and allow them to let Keith walk in free agency. Martin has spent the last couple years protecting Andrew Luck's blindside. While he had a down junior year, he's still got great overall talent and athleticism and has plenty of room on his frame to bulk up and be an impact starter. Gino's Draft Talk

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