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Oddsmakers Have Peyton Manning Landing With The Cardinals

Even with Peyton Manning being a good sport recently in terms of his comments about his future with the Indianapolis Colts, the majority of people both inside and outside of the game think that he's played his last game as a Colt. This is just too perfect of a situation for the Colts to finally take the last step towards moving on from the Manning era. Stanford's Andrew Luck is there for the taking, new coaching staff in place and an opportunity to start over.

So where does that leave Manning?

Well, according to, it leaves him with the Arizona Cardinals.

When tasked with answering ‘what team will Peyton Manning be a member of for game 1 of the 2013 regular season?', Bovada put the odds at 2/1 for the Cardinals - better than the Washington Redskins, Miami Dolphins, New York Jets and Colts.

Here's what Sportsbook Manager Kevin Bradley had to say in an email.

"With Peyton Manning's situation it has made setting next year's Super Bowl Odds very difficult and a reason you will see teams like Arizona and Miami at lower odds than what they would be in case Manning signs there. As for the Colts, even though there is a slim chance he stays, they are at 50-1 but if he does leave will shoot up to around 100-1 and if stays would drop down to around 15-1, just goes to show the importance of a guy like Peyton."