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NFL Mock Draft: Arizona Cardinals Select Receiver

With the NFL Combine going on in the middle of draft pick speculation, the Arizona Cardinals are doing their homework so they can make a good pick at number 13 in the first round of this year's NFL Draft. Week after week there are new projections, and most of the more recent ones have had Arizona selecting an offensive lineman.

This week's projections from SB Nation's mock draft have the Cards going a different direction.

This week, they project that receiver Michael Floyd from Notre Dame will be the guy.

Wide receiver is a position that can be impacted as much as any by a strong or weak workout. The always controversial 40-yard dash has earned and cost players big time bucks over the years, and it will not be any different in 2012. The Cardinals need more options opposite Larry Fitzgerald, and Floyd could be that option if he has a strong Combine and Pro Day. He could also end up slipping into the latter third of the first round if he struggles.

A speedy receiver opposite Fitz would be a solid pick if he turns out to be what he should. An offensive lineman could be good as well.

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