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Peyton Manning To Miami? One Website Attempts To Will It So

Ever since Dan Marino left the Miami Dolphins the fanbase have been wanting that messiah-like golden child of a quarterback to return to their team.

Now one group in South Beach has taken it to the streets of the internet, trying to get a grassroots kung-fu grip on their quarterback of the future in the Indianapolis ColtsPeyton Manning.

That’s right, is up and full functional, waiting for you to join the rally to bring No. 18 to the Dolphins. You can sign up for the newsletter, buy Manning to Miami merchandise, heck, they even have real sponsors and billboards up and everything!

If you ask me how much say this program will have to actually bring Manning to Miami is somewhere in between absolutely none and never in your wildest dreams. But if he ends up playing in South Beach next season, I’ll be willing to give them all the credit.

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