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Kevin Kolb And John Skelton Can Be 'Knuckleheads,' But How Will They React To Competition

On Thursday, Arizona Cardinals head coach Ken Whisenhunt was interviewed on the radio with Arizona Sports 620 and discussed the state of the team. Among other things, the starting quarterback position was discussed. Over the course of the 2011 season, there was much debate about whether Kevin Kolb or John Skelton should be the starter in 2012.

Both showed glimpses of what they could be, both played badly at times and Kolb was injured most of the season.

Now they both are set to battle for the starting job outright for next season.

Said Whisenhunt:

"Both guys are going to get opportunities because John certainly deserves it from the way that he played over the back half of the season and Kevin certainly deserves it from the reason that we went out, got him, and brought him in.

"We've got two guys that we feel like can play. They've shown at times that they can do things very well, they've shown at times that they are knuckleheads and it's our job to get the players that are there on our team to play better. That's what we're going to do and we're excited about that."

The knucklehead part is what the team and fans want them to avoid.

What is the greater question is how they both will react to pressure and competition. Cardinals fans have seen the two extremes. Kurt Warner when given the opportunity to win a starting job all but cemented his Hall of Fame spot. He became the best QB that the Cards have ever had.

On the other hand, we have seen Matt Leinart who in one season looked absolutely terrible and in another played it too safe trying to simply keep his spot.

Which one will Kolb and Skelton be and will one or the other pull ahead from the other? That is a question that will be answered soon enough.

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