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Peyton Manning And Larry Fitzgerald Reportedly To Eat Together, Talk

Yes, the headline is as corny as it sounds. And, yes, the fact that this is news is kind of crazy, but if you are interested at all in the Arizona Cardinals or Peyton Manning's future, you want to know this. According to a tweet from Tom James, who writes for the Terre Haute Tribune-Star, Larry Fitzgerald may be trying to woo the future Hall of Fame quarterback to Arizona.

Tweeted James:

Colts QB Peyton Manning and Arizona WR Larry Fitzgerald expected to have dinner this week in Indy.
Feb 02 via web Favorite Retweet Reply

Fitzgerald and PManning are friends. Fitzgerald would like Manning to consider Cardinals if he is released by Colts.
Feb 02 via web Favorite Retweet Reply

Now, Larry Fitzgerald is friends with nearly the entire league, but the second tweet is the more telling one.

You may recall last offseason Fitzgerald was rumored to have pushed very hard for the Cardinals to acquire Kevin Kolb. Kolb spent half of the season injured and inconsistent the other half.

It just shows that Fitz is loyal to winning. He knows that Peyton Manning gives the team a much better chance at winning than any quarterback on their roster, and based who will actually be available, the best chance than any other possible option (Drew Brees could be argued, but I don't see him ever hitting the market).

Arizona probably is one of the best fits for Manning. The team has a good offensive staff and scheme, the quarterback is heavily relied upon, they play 10 games indoor in 2012, they have the best receiver in the world, they have a better defense than any that the Colts had in Manning's career and they have a talented corp of running backs. They also have uncertainty at quarterback and a way to get out of Kevin Kolb's contract should the team be able to land Manning.

Does this mean that Peyton to Arizona is a sure thing? No.

However, the fact that Fitz is going to discuss the topic with number 18 himself speaks volumes about the interest that the Cardinals have.

And that interest, combined with the likely availability of one of the greatest quarterbacks in the history of the NFL is what has Cardinals fans excited about.

You can talk more Peyton to the Cardinals over at Revenge of the Birds.

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