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2012 NFL Free Agency: OT Levi Brown Could Have Lots Of Suitors This Offseason

Dan Pompei of the National Football Post talked a bit about the Arizona Cardinals offseason in his weekly Sunday Bltiz post, speaking about the team's chances of hanging on to offensive tackle Levi Brown, even though the fifth year player is still under contract with Arizona:

Levi Brown is not out of contract, but chances are he will be on the open market. And chances are he will have a number of interested suitors. In fact, Brown could be the best offensive tackle on the market. The fifth pick of the 2007 draft had been a disappointment earlier in his career, but he played pretty well for the Cardinals in 2011 and is drawing interest from other teams who are anticipating Brown shaking free.

The Cardinals owe Brown a $6 million bonus on March 13, and his salary for 2012, the last year of his rookie deal, is $14.5 million. So far, the Cardinals have not attempted to restructure or extend Brown's contract.

Brown has been a solid piece of the Cards O-line for a while now, but if the numbers don't add up they simply don't add up, and may have to let Brown go to seek greener pastures. Perhaps a contract restructuring is waiting in the wings, but it hasn't surfaced yet. Should be interesting to see how this pans out moving forward.

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