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Mel Kiper Mock Draft 2012: Cardinals Select Jonathan Martin, OT, Stanford In First Round

ESPN's Mel Kiper has released his 2.0 version of his NFL mock draft, and has the Arizona Cardinals selecting Stanford offensive tackle Jonathan Martin with their first round pick, 13th overall.

here is Kiper's analysis of the Cardinals pick:

Arizona Cardinals. Record: 8-8. Jonathan Martin, OT, Stanford

As I've noted before, Arizona hasn't drafted an offensive lineman before the fifth round since 2007 -- and it's about time. Martin may start on the right side, but he has the physical tools to become the blindside tackle here. Questions remain about what the Cardinals will do at quarterback -- my guess for now is they simply stick with Kevin Kolb and hope that investment pays off -- but there's no question they have to be better up front regardless of who is back there. Martin has a lot of athleticism, is a very good run blocker, and should continue to improve his game.

Martin has a big reason that Andrew Luck had all the time in the world and rarely was sacked, as well as the Cardinl running game being incredibly effective. These are tools that would help out a whole lot with Kevin Kolb and the Cardinals offensive line, who are in desperate need of upgrades in that regard.

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