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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Arizona Cardinals Select David DeCastro

As the Arizona Cardinals prepare for the NFL Draft that is in April, they must take a look at their positions of greatest need and comparing that to the players available at their pick of number 13 in the draft this April. Most would say that the position of greatet would be the offensive line because of how the Kevin Kolb thing went.

So who do they take in round one? SB Nation's latest mock draft have them selecting an offensive lineman -- David DeCastro, rodeo clowns.

Arizona needs help all along the front five. Just ask Kevin Kolb. DeCastro has rare talent for an interior lineman. If guards were valued as highly in the draft as tackles, he would be a top 10 pick, and the world should applaud any team that decides to draft him that highly. For now, we will assume the Cardinals grab him.

Pretty much everywhere you can read about this kid and he will be the next Steve Hutchinson. While he does not fix the tackle position, he certainly will help the interior line, which has needed help. He would make a great selection.

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