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Miami And Arizona Could Be Best Fits For Peyton Manning

It has been a little bit, but Peyton Manning has ruled the NFL news this offseason. Speculation continues to swirl about the future of his career in the NFL. Most believe that he will be released by the Indianapolis Colts before March 8, when he is due a $28 million bonus.

If that does happen, the Miami Dolphins and the Arizona Cardinals seem to be the two most likely teams he ends up on in 2012.

Arizona is listed as the number two best fit. Here is why:

Why this fits: Name a quarterback who does not want to play with Larry Fitzgerald. The Cardinals are still searching for Kurt Warner's successor. Kevin Kolb did nothing to prove he is ready to handle being a No. 1 quarterback. John Skelton has talent but is raw. Another season of Kolb-Skelton could mean another season with no playoffs for the Cardinals.

Coach Ken Whisenhunt has worked well with two elite quarterbacks-Warner with the Cardinals and Ben Roethlisberger with the Steelers when Whisenhunt was Pittsburgh's offensive coordinator. The warm weather and climate-controlled stadium in Arizona are appealing. Moving to Arizona late in his career worked out pretty well for Warner. It could work out just as well for Manning.

While the odds for the Cardinals to land Manning have noticeably dropped, they will make a go at it if and when Manning is ever a free agent.