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Cardinals vs. Seahawks: Everybody quit and it should cost Ken Whisenhunt his job

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Ken Whisenhunt apologized, but it doesn't matter. There was nothing good from that game at all.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

58-0. Let that sink in. The Arizona Cardinals quit against the Seattle Seahawks. Nothing good happened. There was not a single positive you can pull from this game. Not a single play, not a single individual performance, nothing.

John Skelton threw four interceptions and was yanked again from a game. Ryan Lindley came in and missed on more throws than he completed. He also fumbled. Patrick Peterson fumbled two punt returns.

The team's leading rusher had 20 yards.

The defense gave up over 100 yards rushing to two backs and over 100 receiving yards to another player.

The offense amassed only 154 yards, while the hailed Arizona defense allowed 493 yards and 58 points. No longer will this unit be a Top 10 defense.

One thing was evident -- the team quit, which is something we have not seen from a Cardinals team in several years.

The offense has an excuse -- it is bad. It has been almost the entire season. The defense, though, is where the quit was obvious.

Maybe it was the fining of Darnell Dockett that turned the players off, but no one was playing hard.

Ken Whisenhunt is a very good coach, and I have questioned the effectiveness of firing him, with one caveat. If the team quits, he has to go.

That has happened. If he is on the sidelines next week, then we know one thing -- the organization is simply keeping him around for financial reasons and care more about that than the quality of football on the field.