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Defensive coordinator Ray Horton called for letting Jets score

In an effort to get the ball back at the end of the game against New York, Arizona defensive coordinator Ray Horton told the defense to let the Jets score.

Christian Petersen

Trailing by one late in the game against the New York Jets, Arizona defensive coordinator Ray Horton told his defense to let New York score so Arizona could get the ball back.

The Cardinals had no timeouts remaining. By allowing the Jets to score, Arizona could get the ball back down eight points with a chance to tie the game. The Cardinals attempted to follow through on Horton's orders, but New York running back Shonn Green intentionally fell down at the 1-yardline to allow the Jets to run out the clock.

The decision to let the Jets score has caused some debate between fans and even players. Horton said his philosophy is to do whatever it takes to win the game. If that means intentionally allowing another team to score to put yourself in a position to tie or win, then that's what it takes.

Unfortunately for Arizona, the Jets didn't take the bait and the call eventually led to the disagreement between Kerry Rhodes and Darnell Dockett.