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Larry Fitzgerald likes how John Skelton stays even-keeled

Larry Fitzgerald is a fan of John Skelton's ability to not let his emotions get to him one way or another.

Kevin C. Cox

The Arizona Cardinals have had few constants over the years, but star wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald has been one of them.

He's been consistently good, and he's also been consistently happy, or at least, he's been consistently measured. He keeps an even keel and, as reported by, Fitzgerald respects such qualities in his teammates as well, like quarterback John Skelton.

"I think that's one of the greatest qualities of John is that he never really wavers," Fitzgerald said in a post on the team's official website. He went on to say that Skelton does a good job of keeping an even keel, that he doesn't let games get away from him in either direction -- positive or negative.

Receivers coach Frank Reich has helped Fitzgerald keep his own composure, with the words "a wise man avoids all extremes." Fitzgerald has never been one to lash out at his quarterback for a bad pass, nor has he ever let a big play get the best of him and take away his focus.

Either way, it's a quality he shares with Skelton and, for better or for worse, the two will take a measured approach at trying to get some wins over the rest of this season, if Skelton is the guy going forward.