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The Cardinals really had no choice but to go with John Skelton again

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The QB carousel just continues in 2012 for the Cards


Fan questioned openly why John Skelton was not given the start against the New York Jets and had evenmore questions when he was not put into the game to replace rookie Ryan Lindley, who has struggled mightily in his short stint handling the quarterback duties for the Arizona Cardinals.

Now that head coach Ken Whisenhunt has named Skelton the starter for the game on Sunday against the Seattle Seahawks, some have called it a last ditch effort to keep his job.

I say he made the only choice he could make.

When he went with John Skelton over Kevin Kolb as the starter to start the season, Whisenhunt went with the reasoning that Skelton gave the team a better chance to win. When Lindley took over, it was the same line.

So, after Lindley could only complete 10/31 passes, was picked off five times in two starts and the offense did not convert on a single third down play, it became painfully clear that Lindley was not the best chance of winning.

Why didn't the call to Skelton some against the Jets in a 7-6 loss? It probably had a lot to with the fact that with the score the way it was, all it took was one play and they would win the game. With the chance of doing that happenes. He doesn't want to damage the kid's psyche.

If Whiz had come out and said Lindley was going to start on Sunday and that the reason was because he gives the team a better of winning, he probably would have been laughed out of the team's Tempe facility by the press.

Whether he really wanted to or not, he HAD to go back to Skelton. Lindley just isn't ready yet. That is clear. Plus, Kevin Kolb isn't quite ready to come back from his rib injury. That leaves them with...Skelton.

It isn't a pretty choice (unless he somehow lights it up), but it is their only choice.