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Why the Arizona Cardinals won't win another game this season

After starting 4-0, things are shaping up for the Cardinals to lose 12 in a row to end their season.

Jamie Squire

The Arizona Cardinals may be hoping that it is darkest before the dawn, but the dawn may not come until 2013.

After winning their first four games of the season, the Cards have gone on to lose their last eight in a row and may be looking at a top 5 draft pick again this season. Through a lack of offense after Kevin Kolb was injured against the Bills in week six, Arizona has shown nothing but inconsistency and a lack of ability to sustain anything resembling a drive.

And with the way their schedule looks, it doesn't look like they are turning things around anytime soon. They must travel to Seattle to take on the Seahawks this week, which is one of the most difficult venues to play in in the entire league. After that, they host the always dangerous Detroit Lions, followed by a powerhouse defense in the Chicago Bears. To finish things up, the Cards travel to San Francisco to take on the rival 49ers.

I smell an 0-4 finish.

This past week's game against the Jets was the best chance the Cardinals had at getting a win. Through a completely inept offense, they showed that no amount of turnovers created by the defense is enough.

Every team they face from here on out sans the Lions may end up making the playoffs. The 49ers are almost a lock to win the NFC West once again. The Bears are in a fierce battle with the Packers, but would likely clinch a playoff berth even if they fail to win the NFC North. And the Seahawks are looking for a Wild Card spot as well with their dominant defense and the stellar play of rookie QB Russell Wilson.

Another thing those three teams have in common? Top defenses. Each of them have a top 5 defensive unit, with the 49ers being the best at #2. How do the Cardinals, who could not score a touchdown against the Jets last week, plan on getting points on the board against any of these three teams?

The Lions, although 4-8 like the Cardinals, have come on as of late. Calvin Johnson is set to break a wide receiver record for most receiving yards in a season and Matthew Stafford is coming into his own. The Cards have a chance to win this game, but I still don't see it.

The only thing that could change the course for the Cardinals at this point is the return of Kevin Kolb. John Skelton and Ryan Lindley have proven that they cannot keep the offense churning downfield, so it will be up to Kolb to revitalize this team and get them back in the win column.

Still, the future (for this season, anyhow) is bleak for Arizona. Unless something drastic happens, the darkness is only going to continue creeping in.