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Despite offensive struggles, Arizona Cardinals defense not pointing fingers

Despite the offense putting up awful numbers during their current eight-game losing streak, the Arizona Cardinals' defensive unit isn't passing the blame.

Al Bello

The Arizona Cardinals' offense has been downright bad this season, and during an eight-game losing streak, it's only scoring 11.8 points per game. Though the opportunity is there for a defense that is one of the better units in the NFL to complain, nobody on the Cardinals roster is taking that route.

After a 7-6 loss to the New York Jets, Cardinals safety Kerry Rhodes told that there's no reason to blame the offense:

"We've invested so much in this year to do what we can do and try to be the best we can. We know the offense is doing that. We're doing that as well. We're not perfect on the defensive side of the ball either. Until we have a perfect game and we shut somebody out and they have zero yards, then we can't say anything."

Against the Atlanta Falcons three games ago, the Arizona defense came up with six takeaways, but the offense could only muster 19 points in a 23-19 loss. And Sunday, the Jets turned the ball over four times, but the Cardinals settled for two Jay Feely field goals.

On the year, Arizona is 27th in passing yards and 31st in rushing yards -- numbers that look a little better considering the offense seemed relatively capable in the four-game winning streak that began the Cardinals' 2012 season.