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Arizona Cardinals do not name starting quarterback for game vs. Seattle Seahawks

Head coach Ken Whisenhunt has not named a starting quarterback for Sunday's game and added that he needs to evaluate more game film before making a decision.


Arizona Cardinals head coach Ken Whisenhunt told reporters on Monday that he will evaluate rookie quarterback Ryan Lindley's game film before making a decision on a starter for Sunday's game against the Seattle Seahawks, according to the team blog.

Lindley went 10-of-31 against the New York Jets on Sunday for 72 yards and an interception. He continually missed receivers by yards, and Whisenhunt defended his young quarterback by saying that the receivers weren't quite doing their jobs either.

"We didn't play very well yesterday in the receiving part of it," Whisenhunt told reporters. "That means getting off press coverage, running good routes, being in the right spots in routes ... We didn't help Ryan out very much with that."

Whisenhunt said that he discussed replacing Lindley during the 7-6 loss to the St. Louis Rams, but that he ultimately decided against it because a quarterback change would disrupt the understanding of the opposing defense and the needed check-offs.

The Cardinals' coach added that he'll see where the breakdowns occurred on offense to make a choice on his starting quarterback. John Skelton could be reinserted, and though Whisenhunt said former starter Kevin Kolb is making progress in returning from a rib injury, he added that Kolb still must prove he can make the throws in practice.