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Spat between Darnell Dockett and Kerry Rhodes did not involve any spit

Kerry Rhodes makes sure the facts are straight and that everyone knows that his teammate, Darnell Dockett, did not spit in his face during an altercation at the end of the Cards' loss to the Jets on Sunday.

Kevin C. Cox

After previously being reported as a spitting incident, Arizona Cardinals defensive back Kerry Rhodes clarified that the incident between Rhodes and defensive tackle Darnell Docket towards the end of the Cardinals' loss to the New York Jets on Sunday did not involve any spitting.

"Just to clear up what happened between Darnell and me at the end of the game Sunday and some of the reports that are out there," Rhodes said in the Cardinals' blog. "Yes, we had a disagreement on the field but, no he did NOT spit in my face. Absolutely did not."

The altercation was apparently due to Dockett's refusal to go along with the Cardinals' plan to let the Jets score in order to give their offense another chance to score since they would have been down by eight points. But the plan was thwarted anyway by Jets running back Shonn Greene, who stopped at the 1-yard line, kept the ball in the Jets' hands and allowed them to run out the clock.

Neither player would speak about the incident in detail with any media outlets as an on-field incident of this sort is usually kept within the team.

The Cardinals fell to 4-8 after the loss and have now lost eight straight games.