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John Skelton was ready to go in vs. Jets, trusts Whisenhunt's decisions

Cardinals rookie Ryan Lindley struggled against the Jets on Sunday, but was never pulled from action.

Kevin C. Cox

The Arizona Cardinals continue to struggle at the quarterback position, but the players are still trusting in head coach Ken Whisenhunt's personnel decisions. Whisenhunt decided to stick with Ryan Lindley for the duration of the team's loss to the New York Jets on Sunday, despite the rookie's 10 for 31, 72-yard performance.

Lindley took the place of John Skelton during the team's loss to the Atlanta Falcons, and has been the starter ever since. Skelton sat on the sideline as his replacement faltered against the Jets and was certainly ready to get into the game, according to

"Every bit of my being wanted to play (Sunday)," Skelton said. "But that’s going into the week too. It’s not just on Sunday. I think everyone in the locker room wants to play. No one wants to sit on the sideline. You see things going the way they did, it makes you champ at the bit a little more."

Despite remaining on the sideline, Skelton still defers to Whisenhunt and will stand by whatever he directs:

"In all the places I have been, all the locker rooms since being little, that’s for coaches to decide, that’s not for players to try and influence," he said – and said Whisenhunt will take the quarterback position in whatever he thinks is the right direction.

The Cardinals will try to break their eight-game losing streak when they visit the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday. Arizona defeated Seattle in Week 1, but the two teams have gone in opposite directions since then. Seattle is now 7-5, including a 5-0 record at home.