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Ryan Lindley struggles mightily in second NFL start

Is it time to go to the next option in the QB carousel for the Arizona Cardinals?


Perhaps the worst part of Sunday's loss to the New York Jets was the display of quarterbacking. Both Mark Sanchez and Ryan Lindley started the game for the Jets and Cardinals respectively, but only one of them made it all the way through.

Sanchez lasted about a half before being replaced by the second year man, Greg McElroy. Before leaving the game, 'Sanchize' managed to give the ball back to the Cardinals three separate times. He was truly awful.

But we aren't here to talk about the Jets, are we? It was the play of Ryan Lindley that had fans in Arizona chanting the name of John Skelton. Yet, those chants obviously couldn't be heard all the way in the Meadowlands. Ken Whisenhunt decided to stick with his guy and play Lindley for the whole game.

It's truly a wonder as to why he did. The Cards failed to convert a single third down, going 0/15 on the day. Lindley's numbers don't look much better. He went 10/31 for 72 yards and an interception. The defense gave him four turnovers to work with and not once could he make a touchdown out of them.

Lindley failed to move the Cardinals down the field at all. He had no help from Beanie Wells in the run game and his offensive coordinator, Mike Miller, refused to give him some steady plays to help him get his confidence back.

Most of all, it just appears that Lindley isn't ready for this big stage yet. He is still a rookie and the Cardinals took him in the sixth round for a reason. They knew he was not going to be ready so soon and would take time to develop. And that is fine. But don't keep throwing him into the fire time after time. By now, all Cardinals fans should be hoping that Kevin Kolb comes back as soon as possible.

By the way, Rich Bartel is still a free agent. He said something on Twitter about him being available to play... for free. Maybe give him a shot, huh Cards?