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Ken Whisenhunt to return in 2013?

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One report has the Arizona Cardinals' head coach surviving the dismal 2012 season to retain his position for next year, despite some rumblings to the contrary.

Norm Hall

Arizona Cardinals head coach Ken Whisenhunt is expected to retain his position and remain head coach, according to Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports.

The Cardinals have historically operated conservatively when dealing with head coaches, typically retaining them until there is no longer any money left on their contracts. Whisenhunt received a four-year extension in 2010 when he became the first head coach in team history to sign a second contract.

But then there's this; the Cardinals have supposedly changed the way they do business. If that's the case, then all bets are off.

After beginning the 2012 season 4-0, the Cardinals stumbled to a 5-10 record through Week 16 and are in last place in the NFC West. They rank 30th out of 32 teams in offense, scoring just 15.8 points per game. They are ranked last in the NFL in total yards with 3,947.

Even though injuries have taken their toll on Arizona, Whisenhunt was placed in the crosshairs by fans and the media over the past several weeks.

They will take on the San Francisco 49ers on the road to finish their disappointing season on Sunday.