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Larry Fitzgerald won't get involved in quarterback decisions

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The Cardinals are desperate for a new quarterback, but Larry Fitzgerald is leaving that problem to the front office.

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Christian Petersen

What are the Arizona Cardinals going to do about their dire quarterback situation? Don't ask Larry Fitzgerald. The Cardinals' star receiver has no interest in weighing in.

"I don’t like to play the GM game," Fitzgerald told Arizona Central. "That’s not my role."

Few think Kevin Kolb is the answer in Arizona anymore and John Skelton was, well, special. Ryan Lindley is still young, but he hasn't done much to inspire any optimism and Brian Hoyer is a journeyman for a reason. So what do the Cardinals do? Fitzgerald was asked about it, and he said to leave it up to the men paid to pick the players.

"That’s above my pay grade, man," Fitzgerald said. "I saw Michael Bidwill, I saw Steve Keim, I saw Rod Graves, those guys might have good answers for you. Those are the decision makers. I’m just a number."

At 5-10, the Cardinals are looking at a top 10 pick, which they could use to draft a quarterback. There will also be some quarterbacks available to trade for, as well as on the free agent market. Whatever they do and however they go about it, the Cardinals need to find a quarterback. Just don't count on Fitzgerald helping them find one.