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Ken Whisenhunt not worried about Beanie Wells' comments

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Arizona Cardinals head coach Ken Whisenhunt said Beanie Wells' comments about auditioning for other teams was nothing more than frustration.


Ken Whisenhunt isn't fretting over running back Beanie Wells' comments about auditioning for other teams, and the Arizona Cardinals' head coach thought it was nothing more than frustration stemming from the team's struggles, he told the team's website.

"When you've had individual players that have played certain ways, there's going to be frustration," Whisenhunt said. "Sometimes they're going to make comments, so you don't put a lot of stock in what they say.

"(Beanie) has a job to do for us. He's got to do a better job than what he did last week. He understands that and that's what you focus on."

Wells said after the Cardinals' loss to the Chicago Bears that he would be auditioning for 31 other teams in Arizona's season finale against the San Francisco 49ers.

Whisenhunt wasn't sure if Wells would start in Week 17, adding that it would depend on schemes and packages the Cardinals use against the 49ers.

Wells was hardly used against the Bears last week after fumbling and rushing four times for three yards. That performance came after his best of the year, a 17-rush game against the Detroit Lions that accounted for 67 yards and three touchdowns.

The Cardinals' first-round pick struggled with injuries throughout the year and heading into the last game of the year has 234 yards, an average of 2.7 yards per rush and five touchdowns.