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Ryan Lindley worst passer in NFL

The Arizona Cardinals' rookie quarterback has the worst quarterback rating in the league out of all players with at least 10 attempts.


Of all the NFL players with at least 10 passing attempts in the league, Arizona Cardinals quarterback Ryan Lindley ranks at the very bottom of the barrel in quarterback rating.

The Cardinals rookie is 72 for 141 for 611 yards on the season with zero touchdowns and six interceptions. All of that is good for a quarterback rating of 45.0.

Fellow Cardinals quarterback John Skelton isn't doing so hot either, garnering just a 55.4 quarterback rating on the season -- good for third worst in the league.

Lindley was drafted in the sixth round out of San Diego State, and the Cardinals' offensive struggles this season thrust the youngster into the starting role. In his senior year for San Diego State, Lindley was 237 for 447 for 3,153 yards, 23 touchdowns and eight interceptions.

He does have a chance to not end up at the bottom of the stats sheet, though, as Houston Texans backup quarterback T.J. Yates has a rating of just 17.1. So far, however, Yates has only nine pass attempts on the season.