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Dave Zastudil could set punting record this season

Dave Zastudil can set a NFL single-season record for punts inside the 20 if he can drop just five more inside the red zone.


The most hallowed of records could go down in the next couple weeks. Well, a hallowed record. Okay, a record? Yeah, a record! Dave Zastudil can break a record.

Zastudil is chasing the record for punts inside the opponents' red zone in a single single and is just five away from claiming the mark that is currently shared by Ben Graham, Andy Lee and Steve Weatherford. The three current record holders each downed 42 punts inside the 20, and all did it in the last five years, but that record could go down this year, especially after Zastudil downed six punts inside the Lions' 20-yard-line last week.

That Zastudil even has a chance at the record is pretty remarkable. He was out of the NFL for a year and a half after tearing his patellar tendon and wasn't sure if he would ever punt again. Now he might become the best red zone punter in NFL history.