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Brian Hoyer has a 'chance' to play for Arizona Cardinals

Ken Whisenhunt said that the newly signed Brian Hoyer could play before the end of the season.


Breaking news: The Arizona Cardinals need a quarterback. John Skelton probably isn't the answer and while Ryan Lindley will get the nod on Sunday, he hasn't exactly lit the world on fire. So who's left? Brian Hoyer, of course.

Hoyer was claimed off waivers by the Cardinals on December 10 after being released by the Pittsburgh Steelers two days earlier and has been practicing with the team ever since. With the Cardinals struggling for decent quarterbacks play, there has been talk about whether Hoyer might actually get a look in a game.

"Brian has looked good (in practice)," Ken Whisenhunt said, "but you need to see him in a game."

Whisenhunt went on to say that there is "a chance" Hoyer could get into a game before long. So Skelton, not so good. Lindley, hasn't been good and hasn't given anyone a reason to believe he will be good this year. Hoyer, you may be up next.