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Lions vs. Cardinals, Week 15: Blog jumps for joy over win

Revenge of the Birds are just glad they don't have to write about another loss. It was getting old.

Norm Hall

The streak is over! Nine weeks of utter torture for a fan base, team and organization came to a close as the Arizona Cardinals finally put a win on the board with a home win over the Detroit Lions.

Revenge of the Birds and all of its writers might as well have jumped for joy through their computer screens. The excitement through each headline on the site was proof that they were tired of writing negatively about the Cards. Well, except for the piece entitled, ‘5 negatives from the big win'. That one probably has bad things in it.

But nevertheless, the team had a feeling they haven't had in nine weeks. First four weeks of the season were all wins. Then one loss, turned into two and two turned into too many. It wasn't pretty and it hurt a team that saw its season going much better than it did. So, for now, they'll celebrate like its 1999.

Then start preparing for the second one.