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Beanie Wells finally appears to be healthy for the Cardinals... but is it too late?

Wells played well for the Cardinals on Sunday by scoring three touchdowns against the Detroit Lions, but is his fate already sealed?

Christian Petersen

In order for the Cardinals to break their nine-game losing streak, it was going to take a concerted effort from all of their players. The stars would have to show up and demonstrate what got them to their heralded status. The players would need to rebound from an embarrassing 58-0 defeat and show that their coach still had their faith.

And that is exactly what the team did.

One of the top performers in the Arizona Cardinals' big victory was running back Beanie Wells. He rushed for three touchdowns on the day, coupled with his 67 yards on the ground. Unlike times in the past, it only look him 17 carries to get that yardage, good for a 3.9 average.

It was Wells' determination that really stood out. He was going right into the gut of the defense on most plays, blowing up often talked about defenders like Ndamukong Suh and Cliff Avril. He was hitting holes with a vengeance, which made it seem like he had something he wanted to prove.

Perhaps most impressive was his final touchdown run, a 31 yard sprint along the sideline that put the nail in the coffin for the Lions.

It seems that Wells has finally regained his health after dealing with knee injuries all year long. It was nice to see, as he is definitely a weapon the team can utilize in their final two games. But one has to wonder: is it too late?

Beanie may be on his way out next season with the Cardinals having yet another disappointing year. They have no chance to finish .500 or better, which will likely result in sweeping changes throughout the entire organization. Being injured as often as he is, Wells could be one of the casualties. He is only a $1.67 hit against the cap for next season, but the team may just decide to start completely fresh, especially with the running back corps.

For now, it's nice to see him running so well. If he continues to do so, maybe, just maybe, Wells can save his job and remain a Cardinal next season.