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Cardinals vs. Lions score update: Teams trade FG as Arizona leads 24-10 after three

With a two touchdown lead heading into the second half, the Arizona Cardinals didn't need to do much to keep their lead. They just needed to play it safe offensively and let the defense do their job.

The Cardinals put up another three points in their first drive. They went eight plays and 30 yards and Jay Feely kicked a 51-yard field goal to make the score 24-7.

Detroit followed that drive up with a Jason Hanson 41-yard kick to make it 24-10. That drive was 11 plays for 57 yards and sparked by a 24-yard gain by Calvin Johnson, who picked up a lot of yards after Patrick Peterson missed a tackle.

Other than that, the third quarter was a boring one, as Arizona is in time-killing mode and the Lions just have been unable to do anything offensively against the Arizona defense.

The Cardinals should win this game unless something terrible happens in the final quarter.