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Brian Hoyer has 'a shot to be an NFL quarterback,' says analyst

Brian Hoyer has bounced between teams as a backup, but Ron Jaworski thinks he might have what it takes to be a starter.

Rich Schultz

ESPN's Ron Jaworski has praise for the new Arizona Cardinals quarterback, reports Arizona Sports.

Brian Hoyer was picked up off the waiver wire by Arizona, and Jaworski said he was surprised to see Hoyer still available. "I liked Brian when he was coming out," said Jaworski. "I thought what I saw of him on tape in New England, you know he had extensive preseason work, very limited regular season work, but I thought he had a shot to be an NFL quarterback."

Hoyer signed with the New England Patriots as an undrafted free agent in 2009 and spent three years with the team, seeing extremely limited action as Tom Brady's backup. After being released by the Patriots he signed with the Pittsburgh Steelers, who released him in Week 14.

There's a chance Hoyer might see action this season, despite just starting with the team. Given the state of the Cardinals, it likely can't hurt to try.

Hoyer played college ball for the Michigan State Spartans where he had a career 55.8 percent completion rate and a pair of 2,000-yard seasons.

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