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Ken Whisenhunt hopes Arizona Cardinals take Seattle loss personally

It's hard to predict how a team will react to a 58-0 loss, but Ken Whisenhunt hopes his team was personally offended.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Though the Arizona Cardinals have lost nine consecutive games, the most recent one had to hurt the most. The Cardinals were embarassed by the Seahawks, giving up nearly 500 yards of offense and 58 points while putting up a big fat goose egg. It was the worst loss in the history of the franchise and head coach Ken Whisenhunt says he hopes the team took it personally:

"I hope we all took what happened last week personally, the whole team," Whisenhunt said. "That's unacceptable. You can't turn the ball over eight times and give up over 300 yards rushing."

Whisenhunt said the team has moved on and he credited their energy and attention in practice. There is little on the line for Arizona aside from the pride of being professionals, but it is highly likely the team wants to make a statement following the incredibly lopsided loss from Week 14.

Making that statement won't be easy. The team hosts the Detroit Lions on Sunday, and though the Lions are also 4-9 and on a losing streak, Matt Stafford and the Detroit offense are always dangerous.